The facilities at our center are available for use by our members on an hourly basis by giving suggested donations. We have an insurance requirement that only members in good standing can use our studios. Annual membership is $40 per person.

TCPC facilities include;

  • a large studio/meeting area with audio visual,

  • a smaller studio only area,

The facility can be used as Photography studio, Meeting center, Training/Education facility, and a Video studio

The member typically only needs to bring a camera. The facility has all the lighting that you’ll need, both continuous and strobe, multiple backdrops, props, etc.


$40 suggested donation for up to two hours of total time in the studio which includes set-up and clean up. The studio must be left in good condition, neat and organized. If clean-up is not done, the member photographer will be assessed a $25 donation.

$20 hourly increment for time exceeding 2 hours. No partial hours 

You may reserve hourly time in the large studio, the small studio. The hourly rates are identical for both areas.

The basic usage guides are for one or two member photographers to reserve time to photograph clients and models, or to use the studio for product photography. The clients and models may be non-members.

The member photographer is encouraged to make use our resident equipment, lighting, and backdrops, etc. and may bring their own equipment as desired.

The time must be booked in advance online with suggestion donation pre-paid.


$40 for up to two hours of meeting time in the large room making use of audio-visual facilities. Use of our photo studio facilities are not included. Additional time is billed at $20 per hour. Usage time includes set up and clean up. $25 assessment for failure to clean up.

The meeting facilitator(s) must be TCPC member but the attendees are not required to be members. The meeting time is reserved for the large studio.

We expect this to be used by moderate to small groups. If expected group size exceeds 20 attendees we need to know.


We expect the dedicated facility will be used primarily for workshops and photo extravaganzas. The leader(s) must be members, while the participants are not required to be members. The booking member will have exclusive use of all our facility, photography studio, meeting area with audio-visual, and outside yard.

The usage fee is the greater of A or B

  1. A)$20 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Usage time includes set up and clean up. A $40 donation will be assessed to do the clean-up. Fractional hours are billed in full.

  2. B)If the leader intends to use the dedicated facility as a private for profit venture where the participants each pay a fee, TCPC will receive a 30% revenue share donation for paid registrants.


TCPC encourages members to make frequent and full use of the studio on a regular basis.

Commitment levels are:

1 calendar month @ $150 for up to 12 hours of studio usage. Donations are prepaid.

3 calendar months @ $100 per month for up to 12 hours to total facility usage.  Donations are pre-paid monthly by calendar month. The monthly donations are on a use it or lose it basis, there is no carry over for unused hours in a prior month(s). After a three month term is completed the member may optionally continue at $100 prepaid monthly.

Please send your request to

Click the below link to make your donation