March’s monthly contest

The submission period for March’s monthly contest is now open and will continue until 9 pm on Wednesday, March 6th. Members will receive instructions via email on how to participate.

For the March contest, focus on the theme of Leading Lines/Vanishing Point.

It’s essential to recognize that the lines leading to the point don’t necessarily have to be fully visible; the point is often implied. Rather than being a specific item within the photograph, it is more of an area. While you can point to it, there might be nothing physically present. The idea is that all lines in the image seem to originate from this particular spot. In essence, all roads and paths in the image converge towards this point.

Vanishing points serve as valuable tools for photographers, enabling them to introduce a sense of scale or even alter reality. Correct utilization of vanishing points can add depth to otherwise flat compositions and generate interest for the viewer. When applied effectively, they have the power to transform a mundane scene into an epic narrative.

Keep in mind that the evaluation of all submissions will be based on technical quality, composition, originality, and artistic merit, with a focus on aligning these aspects with the designated theme.